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University of Pittsburgh




From the Dean

The University of Pittsburgh is a school on the cusp of excellence in every particular. Today, in virtually every way, this is a place that is living up to its potential for greatness.

Arthur S. Levine, MD

Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences and Dean, School of Medicine

History »

HistoryThe University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine builds upon the strong foundation of past leaders.

Administrative Offices »

AdminThe scope of our efforts encompass research, graduate studies, student affairs, academic planning, and more.

Maps & Directions »

MapsThe School of Medicine is headquartered in Scaife Hall, located in the upper campus area of the University of Pittsburgh. Find Parking »

About Pittsburgh



As President Barack Obama responded when asked what surprised him as he campaigned for the presidency, "I've been struck by how many beautiful places there are in the country that you don't necessarily think of as beautiful. Pittsburgh, for example, is a really handsome town with the rivers and the hills."

School of Medicine
Contact Information:

M240 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Questions about applying or your application should be directed to Admissions and Financial Aid.